May 7th 2022
5:30 am boat check
"Muni Marina" or "Offshore Marina"


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The event will bring many boats to the harbor and hundreds of fishermen. We will be providing participants with t-shirts as part of their registration to the tournament.

The Thumb chapter of the Steelheaders is dedicated to protecting, maintaining and improving the Lake Huron sportfishery. Our organization is a non profit group of about 90 members that devote a tremendous amount of time and sometimes their own money to do whatever we can to improve the Lake Huron fishery. All of the proceeds we receive through donations, club events and projects are used to help Lake Huron.

For the last 15 years we have maintained our Net Pen Project. Each year we have raised as many as 85,000 Chinook salmon fingerlings or 15,000 steelhead fingerlings. Last year the Thumb Chapter purchased 2 new pens and 3 new docks at a cost of $6,700. The future may include replacing the existing nets and the purchase of more pens to house Lake Herring and Atlantic Salmon.

We work very closely with the DNR and the FFWL to assist wherever possible in their lake trout and brown trout planting programs in Lake Huron.

The tournament donations will help secure our Net Pen Project. We look forward to meeting each and every one of you at the captains meeting.

Thank You,
Thumb Area Steelheaders

Sponsored by Harbor Beach Parks & Recreation